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Shot Of The Day


Finding Focus

Resolutions done. Tree put away. School in force. The year still ripe with hope… Ahhhh my heart says, but just for a moment, until the fog of routine slowly blurs the clarity of the dawn of a new year — at least if history is any guide. As 07 unfolds, will we manage to find a clearing that takes our breath away? A clear place to which we will return again and again as the noise of the world tries to drown out the laser beam focus of our hearts! TECH INFO: A clearing in the woods… Vail Colorado. Camera: Canon EOS Mark II D’s. Conditions: early afternoon, natural light, heavy cloud coverage, light snow. Technical: Edited with NIK filters [flux filter] and Photoshop CS II [desaturation through channels, levels adjustments, painted light with Wacom pen]. Recommended Media: Hahnemuhle Photo Rag

Posted: 17 January 2007