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Shot Of The Day

Chasing Dreams!

There are some places that just make you feel totally complete, whole and peaceful. Just being there slows your pulse and opens your creativity. For me, this image captures my favorite place on the planet. Nestled in the Blueridge Mountains between NC and Va, Riverbend is special. We actually found it on the internet! Believing it just too good to be true, we rented it for a week. As soon as we made it down the long meandering driveway, we knew it was going to be the place of our sunset years. The experience affirmed for our family that dreams are so much more satisfying when you chase them, act on them, make them real—affirmatively and deliberately. Don’t follow your dream today. Chase it! You may be surprized by what you catch. With gratitude for sharing this journey with me. KAT

Posted: 19 April 2006