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Ration Cards

Ration Cards

As we work through the days after Hurricane Wilma we are learning the true meaning of that famous prayer… “give us this day our daily bread!” In Cuba, they need no such lesson. Ration cards indicate the food allocation to each family. Imagine living on this per person per month: 5 lbs of dry rice, 20 grams of dried beans, 1/2 lb of oil, 5 lbs of sugar, 4 bars of soap, 4 oz of coffee, dried milk [only if you are under 7 years old], a small bit of pork [if it is available] and 1 small piece of daily bread. These are not rations that are given to you. You pay for them! Sitting in the mile long gas line this morning just wasn’t that bad!

Posted: 28 October 2005