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Shot Of The Day

What's Your Song?

My sister draws because she has pictures inside her.  They just come out.  The process brings her joy and delights her because she can’t believe how good it makes her feel to let out the picture.  She draws because she has a picture in her heart.  

My mom is a story teller.  It doesn’t matter if it’s about a recent visit to a doctor or the dog down the street, her stories have character and drama and emotion.  They draw you in and get you pulling close to her.  They take you somewhere emotionally. She tells stories because there is a story teller in her.  It is her song.  

My lit-up little sis writes because she has words inside her.  Lots of words.  Artistic words.   Inspiring words.  Words that bring to life what others are feeling but don’t know how to communicate.  She writes because there are words dying to come out of her.  That is her song.  

Diane and Mercy — they lighten the room with humor so that truth can come out of all the places that it hides — behind fear or inadequacy or judgement.  They aren’t trying to be funny.  They just are.  They can lift the heaviness or awkwardness that hangs between people with one self-deprecating humorous phrase.  It breaks barriers that aren’t easily broken between people.  It is their song.  

My son — he’s an idea-contractor.  I just made that phrase up, but it fits his song so well.  He listens, studies, reads and absorbs information and then deconstructs it and blends it with analogy and humanity and then reconstructs it so that anybody can understand it.  It doesn’t matter whether it is complicated economic theory or basic cooking principles, he can take a bunch of discombobulated stuff and re-purpose it in a package that even the toddler down the street can understand and absorb.  He reconstructs and makes things relate-able and digest-able because there is a relater and repurposer inside him.  

Valerie asks questions that lead to revealing truth.  She doesn’t even know that she’s doing it.  It’s real and honest and humble and revealing and you can’t leave her presence without growing.  

Spencer, Matthew, Eric and Tom… lead.  They don’t follow.  They lead because there is a leader in them.   They lead because that’s their song.  

Tricia and Roz encourage and cheer.  Zelma and Deb pray.  Ana and Margarita mother.  Laura exhorts.  Kris brings peace and order. Karen translates ordinary life into art.  Peggy is the great connector.  She stays connected because there is a connector inside her.  Pilar has the gift of hospitality and makes every person feel like the most important guest on the list.  Jen middle manages. She’s the git-er-done gal. Her song is getting it done without a lot of drama!  Steph and Sherra and Judi generate a culture of unified movement in a healthy direction.  Pam and Mike are the greatest ‘wing-men’ ever.  Carole and JJ step up and fill the gaps because gaps need to be filled.  Joy leads from the middle, Sandra administers, Kris keeps order, Gladys and Martha adorn, Becky and Sophia, Chris and Sarah, Susan and Ricky worship, Isaac builds, Marty teaches, Jenny supports and is fearlessly vulnerable…  Kat creates, Mike & Mike and Mike mentor… And I could go on forever.  

We sing because there is a song in us.  After enjoying the symphony a while, and seeing songs others can’t even see in themselves, it becomes pretty apparent that we don’t put those songs in us.  It was part of our  design.  It may take a lifetime to recognize it and some never do, but we all have a song.  

As I age and grow, I’m realizing more and more that we need to sing less for answers and more because we will die if we don’t sing. I don’t mean literally. I mean, we may remain physically alive, but the core in us will rot and a hollow place will echo until it is filled again with the song we were designed to sing.

So, what is your song? And what songs are in the symphony of your life?  Make your own song list and share it.  Ask someone today…  “What’s your song?” Or even better, tell them the song you hear when they live in the symphony of your life. You may surprised by what that does to people. In my experience, it makes them want to sing more and more!

Posted: 16 May 2013