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Shot Of The Day

Change a Life, Throw a Brick!

So my question this Christmas is this. Do you have any idea what a gift it is to receive gratitude? The gift of gratitude is free and it is one of the rarest items we share. I dare you to spend one hour thinking about the people who invested in the foundation of your life. List the bricks in the foundation of your life. Write a note, wrap it around a brick, and toss it to your foundation builders. They won’t throw it back at you. They’ll stand a few inches taller. Walk into the new year with the confidence that they are being used in this brief journey we call life. Can’t think of something to say? Click the link below titled NOT JUST ANOTHER BRICK in THE WALL (or PREVIOUS), print it and wrap it around the brick. Every ounce of gratitude you fail to express goes with you to the grave. Isn’t that a sobering thought? How about this one… When you give gratitude, you are thanking GOD for the person who invested in your life. It is an act of worship. A transaction with the Creator. So, toss a few bricks this Christmas. Build a wall of gratitude. See what happens. Merry Christmas.

Posted: 18 December 2011