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The IADC Coffee Table Book

Announcing the Barcelona Coffee Table Book

In July of 2010, the International Association of Defense Counsel invited Kat to teach Purpose Driven Photography at their Annual Meeting in Spain. Members of the class received a crash course in composition, photo journalistic story telling and purpose. They were then broken into 10 groups and given a field assignment. Each group assignment covered a different aspect of Barcelona — food, architecture, history, local color, culture, sports & games, faith, etc… After several days in the field, the teams returned to the classroom for a round table discussion and Q/A session on the experience. The best images from each team were submitted for inclusion in a 13” x 11” professionally printed coffee table book and for awards in several categories. The results are stunning! Each chapter is rich with imagery representing a purposeful and well rounded picture of Barcelona. This was a truly talented group. Congratulations to the winners of the photography contest listed below. And thank you to Jim and Sue Campbell, Rebecca Zurcher, Mary Beth Kurzak and the International Association of Defense Counsel for keeping the practice of law balanced with family and fun activities, like photography!

Winning Cover Shot: John and Holly Nieset, High Ceiling;
Winning Parting Shot on Back Cover: Bill and Cindy Reed, Leaving Like a Child; Location Team Best Shot: Sherry Burke, Barcino Art; Location Non-Team Best Shot: The Haston Family, City framed by Parc Guell; History Non-Team Best Shot: Jill Siler, Oldest Bar with Tender; Local Color Best Team Shot: Bob Manlowe, Rainbow Sky against Mosaic; Local Color Non-Team Best Shot: Diana Crim, Kiss from the Street Angel; Art Best Team Shot: Carol Barbour, Art Vines on Patterned Windows; Art Best Non-Team Shot: Mike Alyward, Gargoyles in ‘Snow’; Architecture: Best Team Shot: Diana Crim; Architecture: Best Non-Team Shot: Carol Barbour, Reflections in Steel; Faith Best Team Shot: Colby Magratten, Stained in Color; Faith Best Non-Team Shot: Mike Brown, Stained in Light; Nature Best Team Shot Tie for First: Kathy and Jeff Johnson, Butterfly; Nature Best Team Shot Tie for First: Mike Brown, Man vs. Wild; Nature Best Non-Team Shot: Jay Watson, Barcelona Bird; Food Best Team Shot: Cecile Desai, Gorgeous Groceries; Food Best Non-Team Shot: Rachelle Psznick, Precision Food Lineup; Sports Best Team Shot: Donna Lamontagne and Tom Patriarca, Barcelona Field; Sports Best Non-Team Shot: Cal Watson, Soccer Balance and Celebration.

Best Candid Capture: Bill and Cindy Reed, Angry Woman;
Best Movement: Juli Newman and Cindy Reed, Flamenco Dancers; The Hard to Get Shot: Jeff and Kathy Johnson [Butterfly], Beth Morrissette [Rainbow], Jay Watson [bird]; Juli Newman [pigeon]; Reflections: Pamela Henrickson [glass building]; Carol Barbour [Glass Building]; Made Me Feel It: Leslie Ashmore [layers rubbed off feet], Jay Watson [hand]; Humor: The Lebebvre Family, Finger in Fish Mouth; Creative Use of Light: Paige Magratten [light on floor], Mike Brown [light through window], Cal Watson [Church Windows]; Great Perspective: Maria Manlowe [in the building], The Lefebre Family [from under the sculpture of a woman], Mike Brown [Montserrat], Pamela Henrichson [on the street]; The Pathos Award: John and Holly Nieset [street musicians]; Most Creative Edit: Alyssa Manlowe [Sagrada La Familia in Parts

Juxtaposition: Leslie Ashmore, Natural Rocks growing out of straight building; Best Fluid Pattern: Cal Watson [Chairs] and John/Holly Nieset [Champagne]; Best Broken Pattern: Cal Watson [lamp posts]; Best Composition Through Cropping: Juli Newman [Guitar Man]; Creative Use of Shadows: Paige Magratten; Collections: Ariel Ye [Brochures]; The Rule of Thirds: Michael Alyward, Gargoyles in ‘Snow’; The Lefebrve Family [Fashion shot]; Most Effective Use of Angles: Cecille Desci [Building], Lamontagne/Patriarca [Barcelona Field], Jay Watson [Painted Man against building], Jill Siler [Gaudi Sign]; Most Creative Use of Frame: Lefebrve Family [Parc Guell], Jeff/Kathy Johnson [cactus framing landscape]; Pointers: The Haston Family [Trees Pointing the way to La Ramblas Street]

Most Improved Students: Leslie Ashmore, Jill Siler, Juli Newman and Cindy Reed;
Best Purpose Driven Student Collection: Sherry Burke

Posted: 21 July 2011