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Shot Of The Day

Spencer Silverglate's Book Release

Just in time for Father’s Day, Spencer’s book, Fight the Good Fight, was released today! Watching my husband write this book, I learned that on some deeper level, men don’t write books, books write the man. I watched Spencer go from a man who could generally articulate what he thinks is important in life, to a man who fought and wrestled with words that could convey to his only son why those things are important. What started as life lessons to our teenage son about “the truest things” his father knows, morphed into Fight the Good Fight: A Battle Plan for Life. If I heard that statement once I heard it a thousand times during the writing of the book, “is this the truest thing I know” and “is it worth writing?” When you dare to ask that question and then fight for the words to convey it, the result, I submit, is a changed writer. Somehow, who Spencer was became more defined with the writing of the book. The things he stands for became etched deeper with every stroke of the pen. The writing of the book wrote something into the life of my husband for which I will be forever grateful. Perhaps there is a book stirring in each of us, but few will actually sit down to write it. Sometimes it’s because the ideas that seem so great in our heads don’t seem so magnificent when we put pen to paper. Or we realize that the ground that seems so firm in our mind doesn’t make much sense when we put it on the bare page. Writing it brings a sobriety to our beliefs. It makes us honest. Or perhaps it’s because we don’t know how to say it or whether anybody would want to read it. Few would justify their bookless existence with the statement, “I’m not sure I have anything to say.” We all have something to say. But if you are asking whether it’s worth writing “the truest things you know,” I can tell you this. Regardless of whether you publish it as Spencer has or sell a single copy, answering the question for yourself will rock your world. From a very proud wife [and book cover designer!], please celebrate this important event in the life of our family. If you want to buy a copy or just check it out, click here: Fight the Good Fight

Posted: 18 May 2010