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Shot Of The Day

What ARE you waiting for?

Yesterday was my 21/27! I know that sounds strange, but most married couples have one. A double celebration. Your wedding day [for us, 21 years ago] and the day you met [for us, 27 years ago]. I love celebrating this way. It’s truer somehow than celebrating the covenant of marriage but leaving out the miracle that we found each other in a massive sea of humans. It’s nothing short of miraculous that I found the one I was meant to swim with forever. My husband Spencer was made for me. Where I’m broken, he is fixed. Where I am weak, he is strong. Where I struggle, he thrives. Where I can’t see, he has clear vision. Where I forget, he remembers. Where I goof, he picks up the pieces. And vice versa in many ways. Has it been easy? No. It’s been extremely hard at times. Mostly because it took me so long to see our differences as blessings rather than curses. I fought for years to find the common ground, the sameness in us, the places where we were alike. I raged against the differences and fought to make them same. But the fight was in vain. Because GOD didn’t bring me a man to join me in sameness. He brought me something different, something I don’t have and something I have to fight to understand because I am not whole. He brought me Spencer to make me whole. Someone once told me that marriage isn’t designed to make you happy. It is designed to make you holy and, in the end, that makes you whole. And happy? What about that? Happy, or satisfied as I prefer to think of it, is the most wonderful byproduct of being whole. So much of the mystery of it leaves me without adequate words. But after 27 years, I have no hesitation in expressing this — we are meant to be whole, and without Spencer, I am not. The graphic I designed today was inspired by my husband. After our celebratory dinner last night, we walked around a shopping area next to the restaurant. In one store window was a very modern sign with the words, “What Are You Waiting For?” I must have had that “I have to have it” look on my face, because Spencer simply smiled and asked me, “Would you rather buy someone else’s art, or make your own?” He knows me so well. The act of creating art makes me more whole in a different way. And it did. This piece, now on canvas, will forever hang in my office reminding me of this important question which is also part of my company tag line. It starts with “Don’t follow your dreams, drive them!” But it ends with, “What are you waiting for?” So I ask you this. What are YOU waiting for? Whatever good and holy thing you have been putting off for some later perfect day, today is that perfect day. Don’t wait for tomorrow. Tomorrow may never come. Go for it. Today.

Posted: 5 September 2009