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Life is Messy

Life is Messy

You have to crack some eggs to make an omelet. I don’t know who said it, but it’s so true. And such a beautiful capture of a phenomenon that adults forget as they grow older. Not all adults, mind you. But I’d say most of us. Know what I mean? Come on! You’ve done it. You’ve chosen to avoid something because it may make a mess, or take you out of your comfort zone, or risk embarrassment. You’ve opted for order and standing still over unfamiliar chaos and the risk of growing or making progress. Haven’t you? Your kid wants to spread all of his games all over the living room to explain something to you and you just cleaned the house — “not right now honey, I just cleaned the house.” Or your husband says, let’s go for a bike ride and you just took a shower — “next time.” It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but order has been elevated over relationship and love. Ouch. What about this? Someone invites you on a retreat or to an event that scares you a little but you know it is something that would grow you. You give in to the fear. You choose comfort over growth. Or you don’t want to look stupid, so you don’t try new things. Or you stop taking risks because of fear and your world grows smaller and smaller because once you give in to fear, you give in again and again. You’ve elevated fear over growth and life. The truth is, life is messy. Our manufactured sense of order and comfort is just that — manufactured. And it’s a dangerous illusion. To make progress, you have to break some eggs. Take some risks. Take your foot off first base so you can steal second. You must make mistakes and disorganize your comfortable ordered life so that you can change and soar. I loved this wall in Israel. Nobody stripped it bare and repainted it for perfection sake. Somebody chose life over manufactured order! Life was unfolding on this wall — messy and merged to make a beautiful tapestry of color. What comfortable rut are you stuck in? I assure you, it’s not safe there. Indeed, it’s dangerous. Complacency brings death. Life is messy. Stop pretending it’s not. Jump in! Don’t be afraid to get dirty. And remember, dirt doesn’t stick very well to an object in forward motion!

Posted: 23 August 2009