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Shot Of The Day

To Own a Mom

In his book, To Own a Dragon, Don Miller compares having a father to owning a dragon. You see, for him, having a dad was as much a fairytale as dragons. He had read about what it would be like to have a dad. He had heard about what it felt like and how good it was. But he never owned one, so… to him, it may as well have been a fairytale. To me, having a mom was like a fairytale. Not because it was so unreal, but because it was so magical in so many ways. You see, I own a mom and her name is Sally and she made a fairytale out of some pretty unreal circumstances. Mom, I am and always will be grateful for all you did to make it possible for three little girls to grow up at 222 Seventh Street and all the magic you made happen there. For always allowing dogs; for opening your home to the lost and the lonely; for doing “your miles” so we will have you for a very long time; for loving other people’s kids when they didn’t know how; for storing everybody’s surf board, boogie board, skate board and every other type of board that would fit in the garage; for hot breakfasts and leaving the kitchen open when someone needed a hot meal; for sitting low on the “big bird” chair so others could be lifted up and feel tall; for saving things that we didn’t value because we were too young to realize we would want them one day; for teaching us to write thank you notes and for reminding us of birthdays and anniversaries. Thank you for our Irish heritage, for stories and imagination. Thank you for angels and tooth fairy’s and knowing the difference. Thank you for telling us we could do it, no matter what it was, because you believed. Thank you for seeing beyond who we are to who we are becoming and for forgetting the past as if it never occurred. Thank you for loving our husbands and friends like your own children and for sending us to the beach to resolve our differences. But mostly, thank you for teaching us about God and making that a priority in our lives. We love having a fairytale mom. Happy mother’s day.

Posted: 10 May 2009