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To Own a Dragon

To Own a Dragon

I read a sentence this morning that stopped me. If I was a dog, I would say it jerked my chain. If I was a room, I would say you heard a pin fall on my floor. If I was E.F. Hutton, I would say someone could hear me because I whispered. The sentence was in a book called “To Own a Dragon” by Don Miller. It was this… “students who are driven by delight will learn more than those driven by discipline.” I heard that sentence this way through the filter of my brain — when I understand or see the delight in something, I am driven to follow it! It was like that in law school for me. A teacher would spit out another rule or a law and I would slog through learning it, pinch myself to stay awake, drink gallons of coffee to bear the moments of learning. But then a professor like George Dawson would stop and say something simple like — the reason for this rule is so important to understand because if you know the reason for it and you can see that the reason is intended to lead to a good place, then you will never forget the rule. In other words, don’t be blind rule followers! Find out if there is a reason to delight in the policy behind the rule. If you can delight in the policy behind the rule, you’ll never need to learn another rule again. Follow the policy, and the rule will logically follow. You may not like following it, but if you understand the policy, you’ll do what you need to do to get to the finish line! Or, you’ll be an advocate one day for a new law that promotes the truest and best policy. You’ll become passionate about promoting the truest, rightest things. He didn’t use those exact words, but he communicated the essence of something that grew in me from a little seed into a mighty tree of truth. He was one of my favorite professors in school. He changed the way I thought about everything. Mostly he made me ask the question — why? Why is this law like this? Why does it exist? Why is life like this? Why is it designed this way? Why do we do things this way or that? Is it good? Is it from a delightful motive? Seeing the movie Earth this week, I sat in the theater watching God’s creation splashed all over the big screen for two hours. It was delightful. I could see that creation was delightful. And while I couldn’t understand why living things struggle or suffer sometimes, I could see that it was somehow beautiful as part of a masterful design. I could see that the Creator of it all was delightful and He intended good by the creation. I don’t pretend to understand how it all fits together, but I sure want to try. In this way, and through this lens, I feel like the student driven by delight. Not that discipline isn’t important. But it’s so much better when it’s driven by delight.

Posted: 9 May 2009