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Shot Of The Day

Who Made This?

I have a friend who loves to cook. I mean, she LOVES it. She loves to make it taste good and she loves to make it look appealing to eat. She loves to cook for herself. She loves to cook for other people. But mostly, she loves to hear those words that every cook wants to hear…. “Who made this!” That question communicates to her the ultimate Chef’s Delight… it communicates to her that you want to know the Chef because you love the Chef’s creation. Haven’t you met people like that before? You are in their presence for just a little while and you leave wondering, “what makes him tick,” or “what is she so happy about,” or “where does that peace come from?” You wonder what ingredients went into that person or that person’s life that made them so well seasoned, so appealing to be around, so tasty! I often wonder if the Creator has that sort of Chef’s Delight when we celebrate another person and all that is delightful about them. When we stop to notice how wonderful His creation is and how creative He was in choosing so many different flavors of people, different colors and different spices. Each dish is oh so unique. When we love the creation, we must certainly be loving the Creator as well. Today I celebrate Kathy Rymer and the sign that hangs in the window of her funky well-used kitchen — “Chef’s Delight.” I am thankful for the One who cooked her and how delicious she has been in my life and the life of my extended family. Is there a tasty dish in your life that needs to know you’re grateful to the Chef that cooked him/her just that way he/she is? Tell her! Tell him! We all want to be the meal that is celebrated with the words — “who made this!”

Posted: 4 May 2009