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Shot Of The Day

Living Like John

One of my mentors turned 94 this year. Still playing golf, swimming and beating everyone he faces at checkers, he jokes about buying ripe bananas — “Can’t risk the green ones at my age, now can I?” He taught me how to swing a driver, carve a turkey and how important manners are at any age. He’s lived through the great depression and Vietnam, served in Korea, and been the announcer at the TPC more years than I can count on two hands. After a week together over the most recent holiday, I asked him the same question I always ask on my birthday — “What wisdom would you give a ___ year old woman on her birthday.” This year the blank was filled with the number 45. He’s still more than twice my age. He just grins and points to my son. No words were spoken. Just a knowing nod. As 2009 closes in, and I start to think of goals for the new year, I’m not thinking so much of a 10 year plan or a 5 year plan or even a one year plan. I’m thinking more about the future the way John must at his age — one day at a time. I can hear John in the back of my mind reminding me that tomorrow is guaranteed to no man. While I’ve never heard him say it with words, he’s lived a life that speaks this truth: “Give me someone who can pour themselves out completely today in a worthy cause, leaving nothing in reserve, and I’ll show you a life well-lived.” Yes, let’s write a bunch of lofty goals and dream big, but can we live all out one day at a time leaving nothing in reserve? Nothing wasted? Can we go for it this year all out one day at a time? I think I’ll join John this year and take it one day at a time.

Posted: 29 December 2008