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Shot Of The Day

Kat's Coffee Table Book

Kat’s coffee table book, Dreams Don’t Have Legs is available for purchase! This 13” x 11” coffee table book is filled with the best of Kat’s Shot of the Day, which started in 2002 with three subscribers who were willing to endure a brand new photographer’s images and ponderings about life. The audience has grown to about 800 and the input and constructive criticism of the audience has been the best training ground a photographer could ever hope for. While becoming a better photographer was a great byproduct of this journey, the greatest reward, by far, has been the debate and sharing over the words which accompany each shot. If you really want to to grow and learn, try challenging 800 people every 14 days to comment on your work and your questions about life. I have learned more, grown deeper and become sharper by your challenges and observations. This book is dedicated to all who love images and who believe that the only stupid question is the one we never ask. To order a copy or to preview the first 15 pages of the book, click here: Dreams Don’t Have Legs

Posted: 4 December 2008