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Aim Small Miss Small

Aim Small Miss Small

“Boys, do you remember what I taught you about shooting?” Mel Gibson’s character asked his two very young sons before sending them into battle to save their older brother in the movie The Patriot. “Yes sir, we do. Aim small miss small,” they replied without hesitation. Dad had anticipated this day. He hoped they wouldn’t have to fight at such a young age, but he was going to ready them just in case. Now the unthinkable moment was happening and his children were ready for battle. Scared as they were, they had a confidence knowing that they had a single minded focus as they fought – “aim small, miss small.” For me, the movie stopped at that point because I couldn’t let my brain move beyond that expression — aim small miss small — what does it mean? And then the light came on. How very true of life that if we aim small and focus on important things, give them our undivided attention and stay with them until we have peace or completion or closure, we aren’t going to miss by much, if at all. It’s when we aim in a general direction or try to figure out the whole problem rather than one small piece at a time that we sometimes miss or get lost because we feel overwhelmed. Whether it’s photography or law or matters of the spirit, if we are obedient to the one bite sized challenge before us and don’t give up, we will land in the area of victory! And if we miss, it certainly won’t be by much. This civil war reenactment actor was a fixture at the Greenbreir in West Virginia this summer. Editing the photo brought my mind to that scene in The Patriot. I aimed at making a modern image look old and tattered, as if it stood the test of time. If I missed, I hope it wasn’t by much!

Posted: 12 August 2008