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Shot Of The Day

Thrilled to Announce

Photos by Kat is thrilled to announce that two of her books are featured in the July/Aug Issue of Great Output Magazine. Great Output is a trade publication for the digital industry which keeps photographers up to speed on what is hot in the market. Eileen Fritsch, the editor, is an industry analyst who has her hand on the pulse of what is going on in the digital world. The article, titled Book It! Cash in on the fast-growing market for photo books celebrates all that is possible with the latest self publishing software and vendors. My favorites, Blurb.com and Unibind are featured on page 18 along with a section about how I’ve used them for my lecture series “Intensely Practical Digital Photography for the Everyday Joe” and to memorialize foreign mission work in Cuba. With gratitude to Eileen Fritsch for featuring my stuff, to LexJet for staying on the cutting edge of everything digital and making amazing digital products and to Blurb.com for incredible software and finished products. Thank you to Unibind for holding on to interchangeable books that can adapt to quick changes and demands for speakers, educators and businesses. We live in amazing times. If you haven’t jumped onto the digital merry go round, don’t wait. It’s not gonna slow down anytime soon.

Posted: 24 July 2008