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Shot Of The Day


It’s a fascinating question — what’s non-negotiable in your life? I don’t remember who asked me this question recently, but the impact of it forever changed me. What’s non-negotiable? I mean REALLY non-negotiable for you. Things that are no longer an option. You give them no mind. They are knit into the fleshy portions of your being and you don’t hesitate on them anymore. Exercise? Eating healthy? Keeping a sabbath or having a real day of rest? Can you list even 10 truly non-negotiable things in your life? Digging into this question made me more than a little uncomfortable. So much of our lives are negotiable. Walking through a cemetery in Atlanta last week made me think of the things that we can’t negotiate in life, even if we want to. Death. Taxes. Getting older. Kids growing up and out. This tomb stone caught my attention as I pondered the importance of asking this question in our lives. No, we can’t negotiate death, but can’t we dig into the harder questions of what makes living a WORTHY endeavor? Doesn’t this tombstone speak volumes about what we want our lives to be — WORTHY of something bigger than ourselves? Worthwhile? Can’t we make the choice to LIVE non-negotiable? We can chose to really LIVE today and forever. When given the option today, we can chose life rather than sidelines or waiting or hesitation. We can ask hard questions, face hard choices, take risks and get uncomfortable. Because comfort is certainly the enemy of living. When we are comfortable, growth is slow or non-existent. But when we step outside our comfort zones, growth is exponential. Let’s rest when we’re dead. Today, let’s get uncomfortable. Let’s make THAT non-negotiable, at least for today!

Posted: 20 June 2008