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Shot Of The Day

Happy Father's Day Mom -- My Hat's Off To You

A few years ago I learned that my older sister sends my mom a Father’s Day card on Mother’s Day. When I first learned of it, my mind stretched to make sense of the gesture. Of course, no real stretching was needed. It made perfect sense. My sister and I were two little girls who lost their daddy at the tender ages of 10 and 11 and needed a mom who was willing to step up to fill all the parental shoes in the house. Teaching us to drive, being the bread winner, going to high school football games and sitting in the parking lot so as not to embarrass us, getting grounded (rarely, she was a push over in this department), removing boys who did not belong past certain hours in our home, saying NO… at the same time teaching etiquette and grace, poise, gratitude and unconditional love. She did it all with everything she had and then some. No matter how pressed and suited up she was for work, I could always climb in her lap and be totally enveloped in the most indescribable feeling of love, acceptance and protection — like a letter that fits perfectly into an envelope. If I close my eyes today, I can still smell the scent of her perfume mixed with Winston Lights. To me, it’s the smell of safety, home and acceptance. I heard a trial lawyer once say that to be a great dad you have to have some great mother qualities, like affection and nurturing and vulnerability. If the opposite is true, my mom surely has a double dose of greatness. No, she wasn’t perfect and we didn’t have dad or much financially, but boy did we have everything we needed. Happy Father’s Day to all the moms who have filled more shoes than their share. My hat’s off to you. And to my mom, you’re just the greatest. I love you thiiiiisssssss much.

Posted: 8 May 2008