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Shot Of The Day

Unedited Bouquet

Unedited Beauty in a Heavily Edited World

This image is unedited. Just as it was captured by the lens. No cropping. No sharpening. No Photoshop. Not that there is anything wrong with photo editing. There’s not. I make a living at it. But it’s so refreshing to capture unedited raw beauty. So much of the Big Island was unedited. No artificial lakes or fountains. No amusement parks. No decorative lamp posts to line the streets. Yes, the golf courses were manicured but they had lava crumbling off the edges into the sea. A herd of wild goats ran across one of the courses during mid-play. My son tortured me with the fact that there was no camera to capture this odd event. Just the camera of the mind. Hawaii was filled with wild unedited beauty. It struck me there how much of our world is edited. Made to look better. More perfect. I often wonder whether our expectation of beauty has so radically been altered that we no longer gasp at raw unedited beauty. I wonder if we still really see perfection as it was designed or are reprogrammed to see perfection as we’ve recast it. In the movie Expelled by Ben Stein, an atheist was supporting his theory of a Godless world with the proclamation — “if He is so present, why don’t we see more evidence of Him in the world?” I wanted to jump out of my seat. “Look around,” I thought. “The earth is one giant Exhibit A sitting right in front of our noses.” The earth, if it could, would audibly scream out “how amazing is the Genius that invented me!” In so many ways, it does just this. But we seem to see right through it or beyond it to the things of man. To our recast version of reality. Or to the version of perfection we can control. To our edits and cuts. Unedited. I wonder what an unedited life would feel like?

Posted: 30 April 2008