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Invisible Cows

Invisible Cows

So this pastor goes with a student to a farm. The family was very poor and when the father opened the door, the pastor asked how they were. The father told of hard times but pointed over to his cow. “Thank God for the cow. We get milk and use what we need and sell the rest on the market. If it weren’t for that cow, I really don’t know what we would do.” The pastor prayed with the family and left. As they walked down the road, the pastor told the student to push the cow down the hill. He protested loudly but, on the pastor’s insistence, he did it. For years, the student carried the guilt until one day he decided to ask for forgiveness. He searched out the house. It was improved greatly and he lamented that the family had probably moved. He knocked on the door and to his shock, the same father answered. “I came to beg your forgiveness for killing your cow.” The father threw his arms around the boy and hugged him. “Thank you. Thank you. We can’t thank you enough.” Confused the boy asked why. “Because once that cow died, we had to find new ways to live. We began to farm the land and grew great crops. It transformed our lives. If that cow had lived, we would have remained so very limited in our lives and wouldn’t have seen the great blessing we had in this land.” This story was told recently by a visiting pastor from Cuba. He concluded with this question — “What cows are holding you back in your life? Push them down the hill and get on with it!” When I saw this sign in Hawaii, I was transported to this Cuban pastor and his wonderful parable. How often do we hold on to so little when so much is waiting for us. What fear holds us hostage to the small cows when the whole farm is ready for a harvest? Push that cow down the hill already. Get on with it!

Posted: 2 April 2008