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Shot Of The Day

Cinder Cone

Above the Clouds

Watching the sunset over the cloud line on Mauna Kea added new dimension to an already spectacular daily occurrence. The sun rises. The sun sets. Over and over and over. Day after day. Week after week. Year after year, setting the rhythm of life. But after a while, unless it is particularly spectacular, you really don’t notice it any more, do you? The grandeur of it. The miracle. Like the beat of your heart. Or the compression of your lungs. Or the blink of your eye. What about the vibration of your vocal chords or the filter in your kidneys. But miss one beat, one breath, one blink, one vibration. Miss one sunset or sunrise, and I bet we’d take note. Sitting on the mountain top next to my son looking DOWN at the clouds and watching the sun penetrate the cloud line and then reflect back UP through the clouds, I noticed. Boy did I notice how much I don’t notice. The gift of awareness a friend of mine calls it. May we all have the gift of awareness at the huge things we often take for granted!

Posted: 2 April 2008