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Shot Of The Day

Heart on Fire

Surprised By Life

Just about the first time you do anything, it has a sense of wonder to it. A moment where you are surprised by life. Where delight meets wonder and your breath is taken for a moment or two. But as firsts turn to seconds and then routine and then mastery and then the steady din of life, there is a danger that surprise will diminish. Or that we will become so drained by the steady press of practical living that we stop expecting to be surprised, don’t hope for it any more, don’t look for it. You want to regain your sense of wonder? Hang out with a child. They expect it. Look for it. Are certain it is going to show up. My son has been my tour guide back to wonder. A few years ago, standing on the sidewalk outside our house, he pointed to a leaf that was in the perfect shape of a heart. “They are everywhere mommy. You just have to look for them.” So, I started. Looking for hearts. And they were. Everywhere. In clouds and rocks and barbed wire and lava… Yes, lava! The shape of the heart in this lava field is absolutely unaltered. The color however has been dramatically enhanced. Were it not for a child telling me to look for extraordinary things in the ordinary, I’m certain I wouldn’t have seen it. I love being surprised by life. Shall we dare to expect it again?

Posted: 3 March 2008