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Shot Of The Day

Walk With Me

Walk With Me...

Shoes, lots of shoes together like this, remind me that we’re not alone on this journey. How many shoes have traversed the earth? Walked a similar path? Seen similar challenges? How many humans have gone through the life mill thinking that they were alone? Their problems were the biggest, the hardest, the worst? Standing in Israel on the edge of the city, you see a sea of graves. By law, the graves must be outside the city wall. So they are. Thousands of them. It’s like looking at an ocean, only the water is grave after grave after grave, above ground in these stone boxes. Standing there, it dawned on me, everything I’ve ever done, every fear I’ve ever had, every challenge I’ve ever faced has been done/had/faced by someone else. Suddenly, they didn’t look like graves any more. It looked like this big beautiful puzzle in front of me, with all of the pieces scattered. All the pieces could fit — if only the people who have already had the challenge can find the person who needs the solution and vice versa. We aren’t meant to be independent islands facing life alone. We were designed to be interdependent. It’s such an awesomely amazing design when I think about it this way. But the designer gave us a choice. Put your shoes on and find each other, or invent the wheel again, by yourself? It makes me want to put my shoes on!

Posted: 9 January 2008