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Shot Of The Day

Rymer Collage

Dreams Don't Have Legs!

My wish in 2008 is that life would become passionately practical for us all. Not that we would dream and never move forward in our desires but that we would give our dreams a vehicle in which to ride, legs on which to walk, wings on which to fly. And for this, practical is a must! The timing will never be perfect. The critics will voice their challenge. The circumstances will always have unknowns. But the dreams? The dreams will not relent. They will nag at us and beg us for a ride, a walk, a chance to take a journey. And if we ignore them and bury them in the press of a busy life, in the obligations that have become our existence, in the habits that have overtaken us, they will haunt us in the sunset of our lives when it is too late to take action. I don’t know what it is for you? Writing your first book, painting your first picture, learning a new skill, keeping an important promise, breaking a bad habit, having a baby, conquering a fear, exploring the bigger ultimate questions of life? Whatever it is, dreams aren’t born with legs or wheels or wings. Dreams, healthy dreams, are planted in the hearts of men and women who have been given the freedom to chose. Exercise that freedom! Don’t wait. Your life, and mine, will be summarized in pictures one day. Snapshots of births and announcements and weddings and graduations and mothers and sisters and awards and children and grandchildren. But will the dreams and desires hidden in our hearts show in the final graphic? More importantly, will they impact the lives of those we leave behind? Not if we wait. Don’t wait. To an intensely practical and passionate year!

Posted: 30 December 2007