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Learning Out Loud

Learning Out Loud

Kids have a funny way of making us think about bigger questions. Things that you’ve long since stopped trying to figure out. They have a way of learning out loud. Not afraid to comment on the oddities of life. The innocence of the statement or question often brings perspective to the issues we stopped trying to logic out when maturity took over our lives. One of those happened for me at the Dead Sea. In a deep valley, surrounded by rocks, it is THE lowest place on earth. With no water flowing out and such a high salt content, the Dead Sea has no life. None. No fish. No sea weed. No tadpoles. No life. Yet, it is one of the most mineral rich places on the planet. “Isn’t that cool mom? That such a dead place could have so many rich minerals! Why do you think that is?” I immediately thought about the valleys of my life. The hardest parts. The ones I thought I’d never survive. From those dead places came so many rich lessons. Gratitude. Perspective. Grace. I wondered as I had this epiphany whether I would give up any of those valleys if I had a choice? The minerals that remain are so very rich. Perhaps maturity is a bit of a valley in our innocence, and children are the minerals that remind us to live out loud again? They give us permission to be curious about “why” without feeling silly for asking. [To see the “before and after” of this image, click the link below]

Posted: 17 December 2007