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Shot Of The Day

Between the Seconds

The World Between the Seconds

I recently saw a title on the internet called “Between the Seconds.” It beautifully captured the world in which photographers often find themselves — the world between the seconds of life. Where the miracle of life is buzzing along but the world has long since gotten accustomed to the miracle of the buzz so it just stops hearing it, noticing it, or even celebrating it. Until… someone snaps a photo and freezes an ordinary moment that reminds us to pay attention to the miracles, the ironies, the spectacular movie of life going on all around us. The orthodox men sitting on these ancient steps in Safed were checking emails on their cell phones. The air was thick with the reminder of time — young men on ancient steps, in another century, holding on to culturally rich traditions while still living in an ultramodern world. The world between the seconds is a place I am so very grateful to visit.

Posted: 1 December 2007