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Shot Of The Day

The Artist is Nothing Without...

“The artist is nothing without the gift. But the gift is nothing without the work.” Emile Zola, who lived from 1840 to 1902, captured this wisdom. It is an incredibly powerful thought. We have gifts but they are nothing unless we use them. On a deeper level, Israel was filled with this lesson. A community surrounded by enemies has no choice but to band together and use whatever time, talent and energies they have to survive. But a community that lives largely in peace with the luxury of abundance? Do our gifts become less necessary? Less important? People all around us are dying for our gifts? Will we withhold them? For they are nothing without the work! Thank you for the gift of criticizing and commenting on my work. You have no idea how it pushes me to share it more. Image: my son standing on the Sea of Galilee at night before the fullest, brightest moon I’ve ever seen, Tiberius Israel August 2007.

Posted: 19 November 2007