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Shot Of The Day

Little Things

Rediscovering Wonder

This man in Safed, an artist community in Israel and the home of Cabbala or Jewish mysticism, was lost in the act of noticing. Noticing the small things. Whenever I do that, get lost in the act of noticing small things, something happens. It’s as if my sense of wonder returns. The one I used to have when I was a small child. “What’s that?” she asked. “It’s a scarf pin, to hold a scarf in place,” I responded. “Ohhhh,” she said with this magnificent sense of wonder. “What’s that?” she asked again, almost before she finished her last sentence. “It’s a shoe horn.” “A what?” “A shoe horn,” I said while demonstrating the act of putting on a shoe with a horn. “Wow,” she exclaimed with a ridiculous amount of interest. No, she wasn’t a child who had stumbled into my closet, she was a visitor from a communist country who had never seen, or heard of, most of the items in my home. She, and the man in Israel, reminded me to get lost — lost in the act of noticing and appreciating the small things so that I can find the bigger things — like my sense of wonder — again.

Posted: 9 November 2007