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Shot Of The Day

Angel Eyes

As I photographed this stranger in Nazareth, I thought of those words my mom often lives… be careful not to turn from a stranger, he may be an angel unaware. The mosaic of the angel from the Church of the Annunciation fit perfectly into his lens. The words and the art just went together like they were meant to be in one unified package. Who made the mosaic I wondered? Who has such talent? And why? Why do some naturally have talents others don’t have? Why do some write, some speak, some encourage, some organize, some listen, some support, some discern, some labor so easily, effortlessly, as if they were born to give this particular gift? Why are talents distributed so randomly like this? Or is it random? At this particular point in history surrounded by the people in your circle of influence, could it be that your talents are relevant for a time such as this? To what end were you given the gifts with which you are blessed, the prosperity you enjoy and the abilities you possess? For your own pleasure, comfort and ease? To merely survive this life journey? Or could it be for something much more meaningful, adventurous and epic in scope?

Posted: 3 November 2007