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Shot Of The Day

Everybody's Normal Until...

In his book, Everybody’s Normal Till You Get To Know Them, John Ortberg describes a society that has so isolated itself, so removed itself from accountability, so made it difficult to see what is really going on behind the scenes that abnormal has become the norm! Unlike ancient civilizations who needed to live one on top of the other to survive, we have eliminated our front porches, put as many fences around us as possible and shut out the world from our windows. Imagine trying to survive like that in the desert? You can’t. We need each other. And even in the luxury of our modern civilization where we can survive far apart, we still need each other. This image, a model of the ancient city, is screened with a stained glass window by Chagall which lives at the Hadassa Hospital in Jerusalem. While we may see piles of zero lot line houses, this artist saw tribes and history and survival. Yes, everybody is normal until you get to know them, but isn’t that why we need each other? So we can be strong where another is a little weak?

Posted: 3 October 2007