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Standing on Glass

Standing on Glass

There was something incredibly fragile about the Holy Land. Like standing on glass. Literally I stood on reinforced glass looking down at the layers of civilization that ultimately covered a portion of the Western Wall, the bottom so far away that it wasn’t visible to my naked eye. What power motivated men to move 500 ton stones 41 feet wide by 11 feet tall by 15 feet deep into a precision placement that survived the destruction of the temple in 70 AD and still stands today? What current drives thousands and thousands from various walks of life to be near this place, touching its stones and leaving prayers on little pieces of paper wedged between its crevices. What magnet draws us to be near the place where real people lived real lives and recorded real encounters with the One who created all the stones, magnets, currents and glass that become filters through which we find our part in the grand epic story unfolding before us. I suppose it was the same power that decided fragile and beautiful could abide in the same substance — glass. Ironic, isn’t it? It’s the broken bits that make the most beautiful mosaics. Israel, while fragile as glass, has taken much brokenness and pieced together an incredibly beautiful mosaic for the world to observe. Please click the Collection button to the right to see other images from Israel and to watch the Holy Land collection unfold over the next few months.

Posted: 19 September 2007