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Shot Of The Day

Israel Through His Eyes

Through His Eyes

For a life time, I’ve read stories of Moses and Abraham, Ruth and Esther, John and Jesus. My eyes seem to rush past words like Canaan, Dead Sea, Mt. Moriah, Capernaum, Galilee, Meggido, Tiberias, Gethsemane and the River Jordan as if they are parts of a distant fabled land made up to give geographic flavor to an epic story. Standing in the tunnel on the Western Wall across from the original site of the Holy of Holies, swimming in the Dead Sea, rafting on the Jordan, placing my hand on the rock that was rolled away, sitting on the ledge where the Sermon on the Mount was delivered and riding on a Jeep through the Golan Heights [still loaded with mines on either side of a narrow pass] brings with it epic color to words that once sat aridly on a black and white page. But nothing brought more meaning to the journey than experiencing this land through the eyes of a 12 year old boy who dared to ask innocent questions that adults only ponder in silence afraid to offend the sensibilities of another. “Why do they dress like that Mommy? Will somebody hurt me if I wear my cross? Why does the bellman have a gun on his belt? How do they know this is really Peter’s house?” It was a reflection from the eyes of my child that brought deep meaning to this trip for me. I hope you’ll enjoy the images and stories displayed through the Shot of the Day over the next few months. More than that, I hope you will consider going to Israel one day. This desert will certainly bring an oasis to any thirsty soul.

Posted: 6 September 2007