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Shot Of The Day

All of Us

Doesn’t it seem like all of us should have this? A healthy body. Parents that love us. Something to laugh about. Someone who wants to tickle us. Someone who cares if we laugh or have enough food or are happy to be alive. Just returning from a conference called Lead From Where You Are, I was moved beyond logic when I heard British screen writer Richard Curtis speak [writer of Four Weddings and A Funeral and Notting Hill]. After a visit to Ethiopia where he watched children die by the hundreds, he was moved beyond logic to do something. But what? He wasn’t a doctor or a politician or a poverty expert. He decided that the only way he was really going to make a difference was to use the one and only talent he really had — screen writing. He wrote the movie, The Girl in the Cafe and worked tirelessly to have it released before the British government was set to discuss its contribution to curing poverty in Africa. Rent it. The whole experience really made me wonder. If we all used our one gift, our one talent, could we really make a difference? Probably not with any real impact. But if we combined with others who had talents that we don’t. If we took all our singular talents and pulled them together like one complete functioning body, what a stunningly, magnificently talented body that would be. All of us. I wonder how many problems linger because we try to do it all ourselves, in isolation, or we don’t even start or give up because we feel the hopelessness of incomplete talent. Perhaps our greatest talents become stunningly magnificent when they can truly be put into action through the combined talents of others. When the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Perhaps? Indeed!

Posted: 11 August 2007