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Shot Of The Day

Gotta Fly Now

“Just start,” he said, with rugged firmness in his voice. “Don’t trouble shoot every negative scenario or you’ll be too afraid to get off the couch.” It was counter to every lesson I’d learned in law school — know every angle, anticipate every argument, be ready for the hardest question. “Life isn’t law school,” he barked back before my words completely evolved into sounds. Watching this bird in Bermuda beautifully punctuated his lesson. Sitting on the edge of a chair one second and in full flight the next… he just started. Life requires faith. Action. Courage to jump onto the quickly moving ride as equipped as you can be but not so laden with protective gear that you either can’t get off the ground or have no room for the lessons you’re meant to pick up along the way. Gotta fly now. Life’s short. The finish line’s getting closer. Don’t want to wait any longer…

Posted: 25 July 2007