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Shot Of The Day

Like Climbing Steps

“Like climbing steps” he’d say. “Life is like climbing steps.” You struggle and strain to get to the next step. And then you’re supposed to rest there a while. Try out your new discovery. Learn all you can there. Find out what it means. Get recharged. And then, when you’ve explored all that step has to offer, you look up. It’s time to climb again. Only some people forget to explore the step. They climb and climb and climb, never resting, and then quit because life just seems meaningless and exhausting. Or, they have a particularly high step and focus so much on the struggle that they forget the promise of the top of the next one. They give up, stop climbing and get stuck on that lower set of steps never to find the best part of the tree of life — the part where all the best fruit is. Sure, the higher you get the harder the steps are to reach sometimes, but the fruit is so much sweeter. The thing is, he’d say, “You really have to like climbing steps!”

Posted: 1 July 2007