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Shot Of The Day

Moon Over Chihuly

Don't Postpone Joy

“Don’t Postpone Joy” the sign read. A simple sign in a remote location caught her attention and stopped her dead in her tracks. She had been doing it for years, but this sign? The sign put clear concise words on her actions. She was waiting to live. Postponing her joy for some abstract later time when there were less obligations or deadlines or stress or whatever. And then that sign in an obscure restaurant in a remote town was speaking directly to her, like a divine wake-up call. So she got on a plane and said, “we aren’t postponing our joy. We are going to the Chihuly exhibit… at night.” And we did! And it was beautiful. Thank you Kathy Rymer for being such an incredible person in my life and for sharing your joy! Kat [this image is a digital merger of a moon over Miami last year and a night exposure of Chihuly’s work last week].

Posted: 21 May 2007