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Shot Of The Day

If You Want To Walk On Water

If you want to walk on water, you’ve got to get out of the boat! As I read John Ortberg’s book by this title, I am rocked to my very core. I always thought of sin as a verb, an affirmative act, an action word. But the words talent and gift and purpose and dream and passive— can they be associated so easily with sin? Those things you fail to do? The talents and gifts and hopes and dreams and desires that seem to burn inside you but you suppress or never approach because you are too afraid to get out of the boat? Ortberg rocks your foundation as he describes the false comfort/security we think we have by staying safe in our comfort zone. The jobs we hate. The roles that stagnate. The good we don’t do. The boats of our lives. More than that, he describes the astounding joy that comes from finding your purpose, facing your fear, and getting out of the boat to answer the specific call that your gifts and talents were designed for. Who doesn’t dream of getting out of the boat? But dreams don’t walk on water, unless we give them feet…

Posted: 18 April 2007